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Calathora Farms is a family-owned and family-operated grass-based farm in southern Georgia - the land of stately pines and gentle breezes.

We grow food - beef, eggs, fruits and vegetables. And we grow it naturally, without chemicals, hormones or GMO. We use no GMO, in our seeds or feed - we like to say it is food - naturally fresh and clean.

The glistening, black eggplant, burnished orange and red peppers and crinkly, dark green spinach are like a portrait of God's creativity to us. Add to that the pungent aroma of rosemary and basil and the sight of children and grandchildren and golden chickens running around and we feel like we have a special slice of Georgia here.

Three generations of the Morton family live here at Calathora. We invite you to stop by and visit whenever you are in the area.